Time to Take that Ride


There’s something special about driving a convertible. The open roof gives way to the sun and wind on a nice day, and to an expansive view of the universe on a clear night. And on rainy and cold weather days, the roof can be raised to offer shelter and warmth. An open top car gives the feeling of freedom and, in my case, youth. But, to enjoy one, is to drive it like a roadster and not a dragster; to obey the rules of the road, to have a destination (or maybe not), and a full tank of gas. And, should you be lucky enough, a traveling companion.

I know because I own a 2000 Mazda MX5 (Miata to those of you living in the U.S.). Royal blue, manual drive and very low mileage and only one previous owner. It was a gift of sorts, but I knew I would own it one day. Immaculate inside, it was garaged and driven mostly for holidays and vacations. I’ve owned it for a little over a year now. It’s the one in the photo.

Why do I want to tell you about my car? It’s because it’s the reality part of a prophetic dream I had, and because it’s time for us to take a drive.


In 2000, I was entering my second year at Morningstar’s School of Ministry (how I got here is a story in itself), and the leadership team decided that we should kick the year off with a boot camp in Moravian Falls, NC. In previous years, third-year students received ministry from Bob Jones at the beginning of the year; but this year, the Lord told him that he was to minister to the second year students too. What was said was powerful and personal to all of us. But what he told me at the time, and the fact that I own a convertible made in 2000 is important to this dream and what I tell you about what comes out of it.

Fast forward to 2010. By this time I had completed my education at Morningstar, worked for a time for Mahesh Chavda, and earned my Masters from Ambassador Christian College in Kannapolis, N.C. Through all of it, I had learned a lot directly and indirectly. I received and gave ministry, and I soaked in the Word and in prayer.

In years past I had been an addict, homeless, a bum, a loser, and a failure. I served in homeless ministries, to people with HIV and AIDS, and lived in poor communities. But, I’ve had the blessing of spending an amazing weekend in Toronto when the fire was burning, lived a few years in Melbourne, Florida and attended The Tabernacle church during a revival, and witnessed many other moves of God. I’ve caught the fire for Revival, studied it, lived it, and caught its breath. I was in Los Angeles for the 100th anniversary of the Azuza Street Revival celebration, and its desire drives me. There have been years of rain, and years of drought. Years walking in the world and years I’ve felt tucked away in a secret place. And through it all, the Lord has shown me many, many things.

Almost thirty years ago now, God gave me a most wonderful gift; meant to encourage me and keep me moving forward. I desperately needed it, and I still do. At the time it seemed that everything I saw, I was able to share with amazing clarity. But I lost the gift- and as I look back, it was for good reason at the time. It has been near impossible for me to share the deep things of God (another strong prophetic word from my Morningstar days), and had I shared things along the way, it would have been the wrong time. I wouldn’t be where I am now; where I need to be.

So, one day in 2010, I simply decided that I needed to know what my life meant. What were all these experiences about? What was it all for? Every phase of my life was meant for something- what was I being called to do? And so I pondered, I fasted and I prayed. And then I had


In my dream (2010) I was driving a small two-seat convertible. It was royal blue and, interestingly enough, the driver’s seat was on the right side of the car, not the left as all cars were in America where I lived. I was pulling into a gas station, and I did, I let a passenger out agreeing that I would pick them back up after I was done. The property was at an intersection, and I drove into the full-service entrance and pulled up to the pump. Somehow I knew that I had “two” but needed “three” (note, the word “dollars” was never said). I got to the pump and waited for the attendant. While I waited, I noticed in front of me and a little to the right was a kiosk with a young woman in there. On the other side of the kiosk, I noticed a self-service set of pumps. The young woman was looking at me and I gestured that I needed three- she seemed to know that I only had two, and she nodded in agreement. Suddenly, at the full-service pump appeared Robin McMillan (one of the leaders I was studying under at Morningstar) who asked me what I wanted there. As I turned my gaze to him, I could see a garage behind him. It was like an old barn, and in the open bay doors, I could see Rick Joyner and Steve Thompson working on cars.

I said to Robin, that I needed three, but he told me that I couldn’t get it there. I pointed and looked at the woman and told him that she said it was ok, that I could have three. As I looked at her, I had the impression that she was watching to see what I would do. Robin said again that I couldn’t get it there. Looking back at the other property, I noticed that there wasn’t anyone at the self-service pumps and shrugging my shoulders, I thanked him and drove around to those pumps.

I was now on the other side of the property; on the far side of the kiosk from the full-service pumps and garage. I could no longer see them. I stepped out of the car, grabbed the hose, and walked to the other side of the car where the gas lid was. I again looked at the young woman who now gestured with her hand that I could have FIVE. It was if I had passed some test and was being rewarded with what I took to be was what I was really meant to receive.

I filled up the car (FIVE) and got back behind the driver’s seat. I looked towards the young woman to thank her and she had changed- her clothes were white and her face glowed. And I understood her to be an angel of God watching me. I could see that she had been watching me since before I drove into the property. She had seen me coming way off down the road.

I drove off through the self-service exit, and a little bit down the road, I picked up my companion who had gotten out earlier. They had walked around the property and down the block, watching me from a distance, and we were now ready to carry on our journey. And the dream ended.


In the coming days, I shared the dream with a number of people close to me in ministry and received many interpretations- most of which lined up. It isn’t hard to see some of the obvious ones; royal blue car, convertible open to the heavens, full-service vs self-service, “Five” Fold ministry, etc. I told everyone that I KNEW that one day I would own that car both physically and in the spirit. THAT ROYAL BLUE CONVERTIBLE. It is now 2020. The dream was halfway between Bob Jones’ word for me and today when I own a 2000 royal blue Mazda MX5. I have had dreams and visions about a coming global revival, and I know I have a part to play in it. And so does my companion. I know that I need encouragement to stay on the road, to keep to the speed limit, to keep focused on the destination, and to keep my tank filled.

There’s more before us all. There’s a revival coming. I think I’m just pulling out of the station, and I can use all of your prayers.

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